Terms & Conditions:

These terms will govern any orders placed with Twinkie Prints therefore we encourage you to read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to Twinkie Print, you (also referred to below as the customer) are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and will be binding by both the customer and/or their representative(s).




Products may differ in color, size, weight, or height, especially hand-made products such as ceramic, glass and soft good items that come from various overseas factories. The size and liquid capacity noted on each of our products is only an approximation and cannot be construed as the exact size or capacity.


Product colors may also differ from what is viewed on the website. Batches of product received may differ in color and specifications. Also, computer screens and image types will demonstrate a large variance in product color. Website images and virtual images are for demonstration purposes only and should not be considered exact.


Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations and imperfections in ceramic and glass wares are not considered flaws. Variations in raw materials, glazes, production equipment and firing temperatures may also result in variations of size, shape, glaze, color, pock marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards and minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items.





Guidelines for submitting artwork

Please send your imprint instructions to us immediately. If you are emailing it to the art department, please put the name and order number on the subject line. We will not accept any responsibility for delays in processing an order if we do not receive the artwork in a timely manner.


We require “camera ready” high resolution artwork so as to meet production timelines. Although we clean up and retouch any artwork/logo received in order to make it print worthy, if you do not provide clean, high-resolution, camera-ready artwork, we will not be responsible for the resulting poor imprint quality. Note that the added work involved in cleaning up any artwork will also add to production time, which may eventually delay the order. We will not accept responsibility for the delayed production on an order when the imprint provided is of poor quality. reserves the right to refuse printing of any artwork that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive, copyrighted, or trademarked.


Accepted Formats

          •        *Black & White camera ready art

          •        *Four-color process and continuous-tone images with 300 dpi at actual size.

          •        *Unfortunately, we are unable to accept greek letters as artwork files, as these are licensed artwork.

          •        *All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.

          •        *Software Applications Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: (pc compatible format)

          •        * Photoshop version CS and below

          •        * Freehand version MX and below

          •        * Illustrator version CS and below

          •        *Vector art (eps, ai, fh, 10, cdr, ps,)

          •        *rasterize image, tif, jpeg 300 dpi,

*Customers will assume complete responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, will not be held liable under any circumstances

Sending Your Imprint Instructions

We will not be responsible for any missing information on your order form nor for any missing imprint instructions.

In order to correctly follow your imprint instructions, we require that all information relating to your ‘artwork’ or ‘logo’ be sent TOGETHER as ‘one’ upload or in ‘one’ email.

Therefore, if you send your logo in one email, and the text to be ‘included’ with the logo in another email, we will NOT be responsible for putting the two together. Do not send us multiple logos or artwork and assume we will know which one to use. We will not be responsible in the event we pick the ‘incorrect’ logo.





Proof Policy:

 Our company supplies a free e-mail proof after order is pre paid, which must be approved in writing before your order is printed. Please expedite the approval of all fax and e-mail proofs to ensure that your order ships in a timely manner. Any delay in a fax or e-mail approval could delay your order. TwinkiePrint prefers artwork in EPS, AI, JPG, or PDF format. We request the artwork to be attached with the Purchase order with artwork instructions. If artwork is not sent with the Purchase order please email with PO number subject line, and company and sales rep name. Twinkie Print doesn’t charge for E proofs. Client is responsible for spelling, grammar, punctuation. If approved with error TwinkiePrint will not be responsible. Twinkie Print also will not be responsible for any copyright imprints. The Distributor and client will be responsible for all artwork being provided. After payment is made for order a free E proof will be sent.


Proof ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Communications are sent via email. Please make sure to enter your best contact e-mails when placing your order. Your Proof may be delay if you do not enter a valid contact e-mail address or phone number.


Proof Location & Colors : Please note that Proofs are an approximation of what the actual item and artwork will look like after the production process. Proofs are always shown in Black; your order will print in the color chosen. Feel free to send us your logo and we will match the color for you.


Proof Changes : All changes must be in writing; faxes or emails are acceptable. Customer is responsible for confirmation of changes made to an order. Please make sure you follow up to ensure the changes were received.




Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selections as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. We offer a wide selection of Standard PMS colors at no charge that can be viewed on our website.


Imprint Colors

Imprint colors must be carefully chosen. We recommend that you choose light color inks to be printed onto dark color items, as this provides more contrast than a dark colored imprint on a dark colored item or a light colored imprint on a light colored item.

For example, if you order brown imprint color on brown mugs, the imprint would not show up well against the brown background. However, many customers have their own pre-conceived notions about what looks good and what does not, therefore, we will NOT judge your options NOR will we be responsible for the choice of imprint color(s) that you make




Imprint Size

Due to “finite” imprint areas, we reserve the right to resize your logo (imprint instructions) in order to fit it into the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size you submit your imprint instructions or logo.

However, if you specify that you want the imprint to be the same size as the submitted artwork/logo, (providing you request this imprint size on the order form as well as on the artwork canvas itself) we will comply, providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered.

For example, if your logo is 1” x 1” (the size of a quarter), and you order a one color imprint on 11oz mugs, normally we would enlarge the logo to the maximum imprint size of that process on that mug. (In this case 2.75” x 2.75”)

However, if you request that we print your logo 3.5” x 3.5”, we will be unable to comply with your request, as that exceeds our maximum imprint size on that particular mug. Another example is if you request a 2” x 2” logo, and your imprint is rectangular in size, we will not be able to print the logo as you request.


Defaulted Font & Imprint Color

In the event you fail to provide us with your 1) FONT choice or 2) IMPRINT COLOR choice, we reserve the right to use Arial font for our default font, and BLACK color imprint for our default imprint color.



Prices in our catalog are effective as of date of publication, however, any changes, higher or lower, will be shown on our website and these prices will prevail. All logos are the property of their respective companies.



SPECIAL OFFERS reserves the right to alter or refuse special offers at any time, without notice to customer. may offer special pricing and/or free shipping from time to time, however these discounts will not be honored on orders that have already been placed. No exceptions made.



Shipping: Twinkie Print uses UPS ground for all shipments. Using our shipper account we only ship to USA and Canada. For any other destination we require client to use client shipper account. If a client uses shipper account for any items in the Awards and Executive category there will be a $10 per shipment. For larger orders we offer freight shipment at no additional charge. Client may use own shipper account for this as well. All drop/blind ships incur a $10 per shipment AFTER the first location. Twinkie print charges $3 handling fee on ALL shipments per carton.



A cancellation charge of $20.00 plus all charges that have incurred prior to cancellation or change of an order will be invoiced accordingly. TwinkiePrint will not be responsible for duplicate orders.




Please check your order immediately upon receipt. All claims must be reported via e-mail to the sales department within 7 calendar days upon receipt of goods. To submit a claim, attach a digital image to your email, depicting the problem at hand. If unable to provide a photograph, you may ship us 'in hands' samples of the products. If a reprint is deemed appropriate, the affected portion will be redone and shipped via ground service or a merchandise credit will be issued.  No returns will be accepted after 7 calendar days. Once product is inspected by our professional quality control team the claims department will be in contact with the sales rep. If claim is approved a redo will be done without any charges. A refund may be issued if we are unable to replace product.



Proposition 65 Legal Notice and Disclaimer:

Proposition 65 requires that businesses notify residents of the State of California about significant amounts of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm in the products they purchase. Printing inks used on Twinkie Print items that we print in the USA have been fully tested by the respective ink manufacturers. These inks do not contain chemical concentrations that would require a Proposition 65 warning label.



Payment: Prepayment is requested for the first 3 orders. After 3 orders you may speak to your account executive regarding net 15-30 terms. Credit forms and additional information may be requested from Twinkie Print. We accept all major credit cards. (Amex,Discover, Visa, Master card)